Feb 19, 2024

Case Study: Danish Market-leader improves Google Ads-measurability by 17%

In this article Obsidian Digital explored the implementation of server-side tagging and it resulted in significant gains for Workwear Group.

Oct 24, 2023

Server-side Google Ads conversion tracking in Shopify

Learn how to maximize your advertising ROI by implementing server-side Google Ads tracking on your Shopify store.

Edited Sep 29, 2023

How Onyx Cookware measured 115% more value in Google Ads

In this article find out about the success case of Onyx Cookware, how Obsidian Digital set up server-side tracking via stape and how it led to a great outcome in Google Ads.

Edited Jan 24, 2024

Ecooking, Obsidian Digital & Stape: Measuring 53 % more value in Google Ads with serverside tracking

Danish E-commerce company Ecooking and agency Obsidian Digital used Stape to increase measureable conversions in Google Ads by 53% - enabling growth by properly identifying profitable campaigns that were not looking so with limited tracking because of ITP and Adblockers.

Edited Dec 1, 2023

Server-side conversion tracking in Google Ads (Adwords)

Want to track the results of your Google Ads (AdWords) campaigns? Then you need to see what users were doing on the site after they clicked on your ad. The typical user actions include submitting a contact form, adding something to a cart, or completing a purchase. What if you decided to move your tracking to a server-side? In this article, I’ll show you how to set up Google Ads (AdWords) conversion tracking using Google Ads tag for the Google Tag Manager server container.

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