Stape partner program

Show your audience the new way to track users on their site or app. Give them a special link to sign up, and earn up to a 40% recurring commission for life.

up to 40% commission

Share the new way of tracking

Promoting Stape will be easy – we are creating an infrastructure for server-side tracking. New tracking technology that works in a world with tracking restrictions and without 3rd party cookies.

How the partner program works

Get a partner link

Sign up to be a partner answer a few simple questions. Once the application is approved, we will set up a partner account and partner link for you.

Share a partner link

Refer to someone you know and if they purchase, you will get a commission!

Earn up to 40% commission forever!

When someone who clicked on your link signs up within 7 days and ever purchase. We’ll send you a commission every month they renew their subscription. Depending on their plan, you’ll earn between $2/mo-$40/mo per customer.

Become a partner

Support for partners

We've got your back. Count on Stape for quick resolutions, a helping hand, and a partner who cares about your success. Let's make this partnership awesome together.

Help desk SLAAccount managerCallSlack
Tier 1up to 2 business days
Tier 2up to 1 business day1 hour/month

Does your partner program offer only revenue share?

Our partner program has two levels. The first level is for partners with more than $50 worth of commissions every month. For these partners, we offer a revenue share only. Level 2 partners get 40% of the revenue share. They also have access to an exclusive Slack channel for questions about server-side tracking and one hour QA call per month if needed. To become a Level 2 partner, you should have at least a $500 monthly commission from referrals.

How and when will I get paid?

We send payments via WireTransfer. Payment can be done once per month if your partner's commission is more than $100.

What are the requirements to become a partner?

The application process for the partner program is easy and straightforward. Once you apply, we'll send some additional questions and might ask you to jump on a quick call. If your application is approved (and signed NDA/Partner Agreement), we will set up a partner account and partner link for you. Once your partner account has more than $50 worth of commissions every month, you will be eligible to earn a commission.

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