Stape partner program

Show your audience the new way to track users on their site or app. Give them a special link to sign up, and earn up to a 40% recurring commission for life.

up to 40% commission

Share the new way of tracking

Promoting Stape will be easy – we are creating an infrastructure for server-side tracking. New tracking technology that works in a world with tracking restrictions and without 3rd party cookies.

How the partner program works

Get a referral link

Create an Agency account or convert your current standard account.

Share a referral link

In your dashboard, copy your unique referral link and share it with your clients.

Earn up to 40% commission forever!

When someone who clicked on your link signs up within 7 days and ever purchase. We’ll send you a commission every month they renew their subscription. Depending on their plan, you’ll earn between $2/mo-$40/mo per customer.

Become a partner

Support for partners

We've got your back. Count on Stape for quick resolutions, a helping hand, and a partner who cares about your success. Let's make this partnership awesome together.

Help desk SLAAccount managerCallSlack
Tier 1up to 2 business days
Tier 2up to 1 business day1 hour/month

Does your partner program offer only revenue share?

Our partner program has two levels. The first level is for partners with more than $50 worth of commissions every month. For these partners, we offer a revenue share only. Level 2 partners get up to 40% of the revenue share. They also have access to an exclusive Slack channel for questions about server-side tracking and one hour QA call per month if needed. To become a Level 2 partner, you should have at least a $500 monthly commission from referrals.

How and when will I get paid?

We send payments via WireTransfer, or via Paypal. Payment can be done once per month if your partner’s commission is more than $100.

What are the requirements to become a partner?

Create an agency account, obtain 5 paid containers and click Partner program on the top right. You will have to fill up some information required for the creation of Partner Agreements and that’s it!

Join the partner program today