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European Server GTM Hosting

With our 100% European-owned cloud servers for sGTM, you can use Google Analytics in a GDPR-compliant way.

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Why Stape Europe is the right choice for EU proxy-servers

European company

Stape Europe is a 100% European company that does not share your users' data with any US companies.

European cloud servers

Stape Europe uses 100%-European cloud server provider Scaleway for hosting your Google Tag Manager server container.

Pseudonymised user data

Use the sGTM interface as an extra layer to further protect your clients' privacy by cutting down on data that may identify them.

some details for youWhat are the restrictions on using Google Analytics

You are not allowed to share data about your customers with any US company, including Google Analytics

Using an EU-owned and hosted proxy server is a GDPR-compliant way to use Google Analytics

Besides using an EU proxy-server, you should cut all PII that can be used to identify or fingerprint users

easilyHow implementing an EU proxy-server makes using Google Analytics GDPR compliant

EU servers and EU company

Visitors’ IP addresses are shortened

Deletion of the referring site information

Deletion of all parameters contained in the collected URLs

Remove all information for fingerprint

Remove cross-site identifiers

Remove PII

Client Browser
Request page_view with User PII IP, email, etc.

EU Server

sGTM - domain
Request page_view without User PII

easy, right?How server GTM hosting works

Create a Google Tag Manager server container and select manually provision tagging server

Copy container config from sGTM and paste into container setting on

Then, all it takes is some magic on our side and your sGTM container is live.

Private cluster
Experience the power of a private, secure, and stable environment. We will work with you to design and deploy a custom cluster that meets your specific needs - providing unparalleled resources and performance.
Custom Solutions
Tell us exactly what you need and we will tailor a masterpiece for your seamless server-side tagging journey - ensuring optimal performance, security, and scalability for your unique requirements.
And basically anything you can imagine
Our staff has extensive experience in creating and managing server-side tracking solutions for all kinds of businesses, from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. Feel free to reach out to our team of experts!
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Will using Stape Europe hosting for server GTM make my tracking GDPR compliant?

You must prevent access of US intelligence services (including Google Analytics) to the personal data of European users. Stape Europe is a European company that uses a European cloud server provider to run your server GTM container. But only using Stape Europe for sGTM won't make your Google Analytics GDPR compliant. You also need to pseudoanonimise user data before sending it to GA - this needs to be done manually using the server GTM interface.

Which zones do you offer?

There are three zones - Amsterdam (Netherlands), Warsaw (Poland), and Paris (France). We are looking to expand zones in the nearest future.

What does pseudonymisation of user data mean?

It means that you should remove any personal identifiers that can be used to identify a particular user. The list of user identifiers might be set on a country level, so please check your country's regulations and talk with your lawyers. Usually, it includes user IP, user ID, URL parameters, browser, device, referral site, etc.

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