Feb 19, 2024

Case Study: Danish Market-leader improves Google Ads-measurability by 17%

In this article Obsidian Digital explored the implementation of server-side tagging and it resulted in significant gains for Workwear Group.

Edited Jan 24, 2024

Case Study: MecShopping doubled from 24% to 50% with user tracking consent

Check out how MecShopping took advantage of Server-Side tracking and obtained doubled results thanks to Consent Mode.

Edited Jan 24, 2024

Case study: Decathlon Italy increases conversion rate of Facebook Ads campaigns and optimizes customer journey thanks to GA4 and Server-Side Tracking

Find out how Decathlon Italy optimized customer journey thanks to Google Analytics 4 and Server-Side Tracking.

Edited Jan 24, 2024

Case Study: 88% increase in conversion campaigns for Farmasave e-commerce through server-side tracking

Find out how server-side tracking helped to optimize advertising campaigns and created cross-selling and up-selling strategies for Farmasave.

Edited Jan 24, 2024

Case Study: Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano (FAI) achieves a +128% increase in memberships from digital advertising thanks to the implementation of GA4

Find out how FAI achieves +128% increase from digital advertising thanks to server implementation of Google Analytics 4.

Edited Jan 29, 2024

Case study: Comparing Facebook Ads Results Using FB Pixel Only vs. FB Pixel and CAPI

Discover the difference in Facebook ads results when using the Facebook Conversion API compared to Pixel-only tracking.

Edited Jan 29, 2024

Case study: Migrating from Web to Server-Side Tracking

How the results of Google Ads 360 campaigns improved after migrating from web to server-side Floodlight tracking.

Edited Sep 29, 2023

How Onyx Cookware measured 115% more value in Google Ads

In this article find out about the success case of Onyx Cookware, how Obsidian Digital set up server-side tracking via stape and how it led to a great outcome in Google Ads.

Edited Jan 24, 2024

Ecooking, Obsidian Digital & Stape: Measuring 53 % more value in Google Ads with serverside tracking

Danish E-commerce company Ecooking and agency Obsidian Digital used Stape to increase measureable conversions in Google Ads by 53% - enabling growth by properly identifying profitable campaigns that were not looking so with limited tracking because of ITP and Adblockers.

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