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Setting up server-side tracking can be challenging. Get started right away with our suite of tools.

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Stop relying on client-side JavaScript and 3rd party cookies. Adapt to the world of server-side tracking today to better understand user behavior, trust your data, speed up site loading time and grow faster.


Deploy Server Google Tag Manager and Facebook Conversion API Gateway hosting in 1 click. No more struggling and wasting your time on tedious GCP or AWS configuration.

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Let us do all the hard work while you sit back and enjoy reaping all the benefits of server-side tagging and improve tracking accuracy.

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Setting up server-side tracking can be a difficult and time-consuming process. With Stape, you get access to extensive solutions designed to simplify your server-side tracking setup.

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We're building an infrastructure that simplifies server-side tracking. Everything from cloud hosting to custom solutions.

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Benefits of server-side tracking

Improved data accuracy

With ITP and ad blockers on the rise, server-side tracking is the best approach for those looking to gain more control over data collection.

Streamlined website performance

Reduce your entire third-party pixel and JavaScript load to a single event stream directed into your Server container. Don't let these pesky scripts slow down your site.

Keep user information secure

Server-side tagging can scrub any sensitive data before it is sent to a vendor.

How you can use server GTM and
Stape hosting

Facebook CAPI

The Conversions API is a great way to measure the performance of your ad campaigns. It helps you easily set up targeting and send data directly to FB servers. This way, you can track your campaign performance more closely than ever before.

Universal Analytics

Google Tag Manager server container allows moving Universal Analytics tracking to a server side in the blink of an eye.

Google Analytics 4

You can move Google Analytics 4 tracking to a server side in no time by using the Google Tag Manager.

Google Ads

Use Server GTM and ss Google Analytics 4 to move Google Ads tracking to the server-side.


Klaviyo javascript can slow down your site. Use sGTM to move Klaviyo to the server-side and improve site page speed.

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