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Own CDN increases cookie lifetime in Safari 16.4 and other browsers using ITP set from “third-party” IP addresses. 

The most recent iteration of ITP reduces the lifetime of first-party cookies to 7 days if they are set through a different IP address than your website. 

By utilizing your Stape Own CDN, you can route the server GTM tagging URL via the same IP address your site uses. This ensures that the IPs for your sGTM URL and website are identical. As a result, WebKit will not shorten the duration of first-party cookies set via the server-side Google Tag Manager.

Stape Own CDN is available on all plans, so when you open your container on Stape and scroll down to Domains.

own cdn - stape

Then, if you have Cloudflare for instance, configure CNAME record for the tagging server URL. Please make sure that Proxied is enabled.

own cdn - stape

Proceed to the Rules -> Page Rules (1) inside your CloudFlare account. In the URL setting (2) add your tagging server URL ending with /*. Set SSL to Full (3) and Cache Level to Bypass (4). 

own cdn - stape

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