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billed monthly
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Up to 500,000 requests

3 cloud servers/container

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5 cloud servers/container

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Pricing calculator

Need some help figuring out which plan is right for your site? Our pricing calculator can do that. Choose platforms you plan on using for data transfer from web to server GTM and add a monthly event numbers.

Do you use Google Analytics 4?
Do you use Universal Analytics?
Do you use other platforms?

To estimate the price please answer this questions and I’ll do the math

Choose what plan suits you best

Requests per month

We count any request sent to your Google Tag Manager Server container. It includes all script loads like gtm.js, analytics.js, gtag.js, etc.

10,000500,0005,000,000As many as you need
Cloud servers

We recommend using at least 3 cloud servers (Pro plan) on production for redundancy.

Price per month
$0USD 20USD 100Custom
Price per year
USD 200USD 1,000Custom
Custom domain

Used to set first-party cookies and increase cookie lifetime.

Custom loader

Servs gtag.js and gtm.js from a custom path, making them invisible to tracking prevention mechanisms.


Enable stape sGTM logs to quickly and efficiently troubleshoot server-side tagging setup. You'll be able to check access, request, and response logs and filter them by a client, event name, status code, etc.

HTTP Header Config

Helpful for checking incoming requests in sGTM preview mode sent not from web GTM.

Service account

Use to connect sGTM container to BigQuery and Firestore

Global CDN

Uses Cloudflare platform to load js files (gtm.js, gtag.js, analytics.js, etc.) from a server that is in closer proximity to your site visitors.


Map multiple custom domains to your server GTM container.

Direct Pub/Sub

Publish messages directly from sGTM to GCP Pub/Sub

Consolidated Firebase and BigQuery billing

Combine sGTM, Firebase and BigQuery billing into a single invoice.

Delay sGTM request

Send requests to sGTM with a delay.

Write to any database

Write data from server GTM to any database.


Automatically create and manage stape accounts and containers.


Support for questions related to server GTM hosting.


Schedule a call with our support team to discuss server-side tagging related questions

Account managment
Transfer ownership

Transfer ownership of an sGTM container to another user.

Share access to account

Share access to your stape account with other users.


Set two-factor authentication for better security.

Google Auth Helper

Use to set up Google Sheet tag for sGTM

FB CAPI error decoder

Parse and decode unicode error response from Facebook

Base64 decoder/encoder

Decode or encode base64 message

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Can I use one Pro or a Business plan for multiple sites?

Well, the answer is no. We calculate billing individually for each container so basically, 1 container equals 1 site and there aren't any packages or plans that come with multiple sites on them either - sorry!

Where are your servers hosted?

We host our servers on Google Cloud. Our prices are cheaper than GCP because we optimize server costs. Basically, if one individual buys only one server on-demand, it costs more than if you’d buy several reserved and prepaid servers for a few years.

What's the Stape refund policy?

We will honor a 5-day money-back guarantee from your previous date of purchase if you have not used all requests of the subscription plan limit. To receive a refund, please email

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