With our monthly caps and flat pricing, you always know what to expect. Please bear in mind that each container is billed individually.



Up to 10,000 requests/month per container

1 cloud server for container

No credit card required

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Up to 500,000 requests/month per container

3 cloud servers per container

Support for a yearly plan

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Up to 5,000,000 requests/month per container

5 cloud servers per container

The best support. Ever.

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+$10/month for additional 1,000,000 requests

Can I use one Pro or a Business plan for multiple sites?

Well, the answer is no. We calculate billing individually for each container so basically, 1 container equals 1 site and there aren't any packages or plans that come with multiple sites on them either - sorry!

Where are your servers hosted?

We host our servers on Google Cloud. Our prices are cheaper than GCP because we optimize server costs. Basically, if one individual buys only one server on-demand, it costs more than if you’d buy several reserved and prepaid servers for a few years.

How are requests calculated?

We count any request sent to your Google Tag Manager Server container. It includes all script loads like gtm.js, analytics.js, gtag.js, etc.

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