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Custom domain

Used to set first-party cookies and increase cookie lifetime.

Custom loader

Servs gtag.js and gtm.js from a custom path, making them invisible to tracking prevention mechanisms.


Delete or anonymise GA4 data before sending it to sGTM.

HTTP Header Config

Helpful for checking incoming requests in sGTM preview mode sent not from web GTM.

Global CDN

Uses Cloudflare platform to load js files (gtm.js, gtag.js, analytics.js, etc.) from a server that is in closer proximity to your site visitors.

GEO Headers

Add X-GEO-Country,X-GEO-Region,X-GEO-City, X-GEO-Ipaddress, X-GEO-PostalCode in event data.

User Agent Info

Add X-Device-Mobile, X-Device-Os, X-Device-Browser, X-Device-Browser-Version, X-Device-Engine, X-Device-Engine-Version headers in event data.


Automatically create and manage Stape accounts and containers.

User ID

Add a user ID to the sGTM event data.

Open container for bot index

Open your GTM script for the bots index.

Service account

Use to connect sGTM container to BigQuery and Firestore.


Integrate data from your mobile applications, PHP, or Node.js.


Enable stape sGTM logs to quickly and efficiently troubleshoot server-side tagging setup. You'll be able to check access, request, and response logs and filter them by a client, event name, status code, etc.

Cookie Keeper

Extend cookies when a person uses any browser with the latest version of ITP, which shortens cookies’ lifespans for responses from 3rd party IPs.

Bot detection

Check if the requests are coming from the bot or not.

Stape Store

Use Stape Store database to store data inside the documents. Each document can contain a variety of data types.


Map multiple custom domains to your server GTM container.


Create monitoring rules to track your sGTM container's and server-side tags' performance. These rules will send alerts when specific conditions are met.

File proxy

Allows you to proxy your files through your Stape container.


Сonvert XML to JSON format.

Schedule requests

Send a request on a defined schedule.

Request delay

Delay requests from 15 minutes to 1500 minutes.

Help Desk SLA

Support for questions related to server GTM hosting.

up to 3 business daysup to 2 business daysup to 1 business day
Account manager

Regular meetings and check-ins with our expert on your needs, goals or challenges.

Contact our community

Schedule a call with our support team to discuss server-side tagging related questions.

1 hour call per month
Account managment
Transfer ownership

Transfer ownership of an sGTM container to another user.

Share access to account

Share access to your Stape account with other users.


Set two-factor authentication for better security.

Google Auth Helper

Use to set up Google Sheet tag for sGTM

FB CAPI error decoder

Parse and decode unicode error response from Facebook.

Base64 decoder/encoder

Decode or encode base64 message

Custom DPA

Make changes to our standard DPA. Availble on any Custom plan.

Custom SSA

Make changes to our Subscription Services Agreement. Available on any Custom plan.

HIPAA Compliance

Ability to sign BAA to be HIPAA compliant.

Apps & Plugins
Shopify App

Stape server GTM Shopify app is a quick and effortless method to establish Shopify server-side tagging.

Wordpress plugin

Take advantages of setting up server-side tracking on your WordPress site.

Magento extension

Perfect tool for seamless integration of web and server Google Tag Manager container on Magento 2 store.

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Does multiple cloud servers per container mean that I can use one container for multiple websites?

By default, you can add only one domain to a container on any plan, and only with power-up “Multi-Domains” you can track multiple domains in one container. Our provision of several servers per container is to guarantee the redundancy and reliability of your GTM container.

Can I use one subscription for multiple containers in one account?

No, you can’t. You need to set up an individual container and purchase an individual plan for each site. So, one container equals one site. But you can have as many containers as possible on your account.

Do you offer any flexible subscription plans that adjust based on the website's traffic?

You can select an option in your Stape account to upgrade your subscription plan according to website traffic. To downgrade the container, please reach out to our support team.

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