Case study: Comparing Facebook Ads Results Using FB Pixel Only vs. FB Pixel and CAPI

Jan 29, 2024
Oct 5, 2023

Stape is grateful to receive more and more case studies on how server-side tracking has increased the accuracy, reliability, and depth of user engagement data. With the rising concerns over client-side tracking, primarily due to browser restrictions and an increased focus on user privacy, server-side tracking has emerged as a compelling alternative.

Agency New Path has presented server-side tagging benefits to a Public, Doctoral Granting, R2 University and they received incredible results! 

case study: how Facebook Conversion API is better than Facebook Pixel

In the table above, you can see the difference between the 2022 Spring Campaign which utilized the Facebook Pixel only, and the 2023 Spring Campaign which integrated the Facebook Conversion API, which was set up by stape.

Key Observations:

1. CPM: The 2023 Spring Campaign with Facebook Conversion API achieved a significantly lower CPM ($3.81) than the 2022 campaign with FB pixel tracking ($7.80). Despite a higher impression count, this reduced CPM-optimized budget use, resulting in better lead and registration outcomes.

2. Leads: With the Conversion API, the number of leads generated increased by 568% as compared to the previous year's Pixel campaign.

3. Registrations Completed: The Conversion API resulted in a remarkable 204.05% increase in completed registrations, showcasing its effectiveness in driving user engagement.

4. Amount Spent: While the 2023 Spring Campaign invested slightly more ($17,101.00) than the Pixel campaign ($11,063.13), the enhanced results underline its improved cost-efficiency.

5. Conversions (Leads + Registrations completed): The Conversion API-powered campaign achieved a wider reach of 388,883 and a substantial growth of 251% in overall results. Leads is a simple guide form submission, and registrations completed is a virtual event form submission.

6. Cost per Result: Notably, the Conversion API campaign achieved a lowered cost per result of $59.37, indicating its efficiency in delivering favorable outcomes.

7. Campaign Duration: The 2023 Spring Campaign, powered by the Conversion API, demonstrated remarkable results within its 154-day duration, showcasing its accelerated impact on key metrics.


The Meta Conversion API can significantly boost your Facebook ad campaign results. On the stape blog, there are many articles that guide you on how to set up and fix any issues with the Facebook conversion API. If you find it hard to set up CAPI by yourself, just contact the stape agency; they're there to help.

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