There are many ways we can be helpful

Whether you’re launching a new website or want to move your existing tracking to the server-side - you’ve come to the right place. We can provide any tracking/measurement related services such as a full implementation, audit or just get on call with you for a consultation.

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What we can do for you

Set up

Let us do all the tagging for you. We can set up a proper tracking and report to almost any platform on the market, e.g.:

  • GA4
  • Google Ads
  • Tiktok
  • Klaviyo
  • Awin
  • name it!
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Server-side tracking can seem complicated. We are here for you! Schedule a consultation and our team will provide a personalized guidance to any questions you may have.

  • Guidance on how to solve ss tracking problems
  • Suggestions for setup optimization
  • Q&A session
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Want to make sure that your tracking setup is properly implemented? Request an audit and we'll provide an independent review of current issues and areas for improvement. An audit would include:

  • Review and comments on the existing tracking setup
  • Suggestions and best practices for improvements
  • Post audit call (up to 1 hour)
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We cover all your tracking needs regularly - from setup, to performance monitoring and adding new platforms/events. Get priority access to our premium support team and a dedicated Slack channel.

  • Tracking setup and updates.
  • Fixing tracking issues that arise.
  • Automated monitoring to immediately address potential tracking issues.
  • Discount on Stape hosting plans.

From €1199/month

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Why choose us

Deep expertise

We’ve been working in digital marketing, web analytics and web development for more than 10 years. You can trust us to never miss a trick regardless of the issue. Your tracking setup, website analytics, and campaign optimization are in good hands.

Personal approach

We strive to adapt to your needs. Feel free to order an audit, analytics implementation, or let us check your entire tracking flow.

We solve problems

By entrusting us with your tracking and solving your data problems, you can be assured that it will be solved in the best way possible in accordance with all best practices.

Let's begin

We are:

Measurement geeks, been playing with server-side GTM since public beta.
One of the largest contributors to the sGTM gallery, we have developed and maintained sGTM tags for Facebook, TikTok, Google ADS Offline, Bing Offline, Klaviyo and over 80 others.
Seasoned experts in the field, having completed over 1000 tracking customizations and audits for our diverse range of clients.

Feel the power

Our team sets up tracking according to all best practices

Your tracking accuracy becomes incredible

Advertising platforms are getting more data with more parameters

You get a better ROAS

Our typical workflow

Request a quote
Click ‘Get a guote’ or simply email us at Within 24 hours (excluding weekends) we will send you an estimate for tracking implementation, based on your inputs.
Discovery and quote approval
We’ll ask you to share access to your GTM container(s) to assess the current state of setup, validate initial estimation and outline scope of work. Any nuanced specifics are also discussed at this stage.
Provide access
We’ll send you a list of items we need for implementation. Typically it’s access to your destination platforms, means to trigger a test conversion etc.
Our team does your implementation with 7-10 days (actual timelines will be outlined on step 3). Some additional questions might be raised during this stage.
Kick-off call
Once we’re ready to deploy, we schedule a call to demonstrate what has been done and to answer your questions. Normally we launch preview mode across 2 GTM containers and go through the funnel together, commenting on events/payloads/setup specifics.
We use Stripe for invoicing. You can pay with c/c or wire - your choice.
We stay with you for 4 weeks after kick-off, addressing unexpected behaviour and/or bugs in the setup.
Happy customer :)
You see the results, you can’t help but request another setup from us :)

What you get

You get setup based on the best practices in the industry, support and peace of mind that you won't lose any more conversions due to tracking issues. Even after monitoring period we are always just one click away.
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Things used to be easier with tracking, didn't they? With accurate tracking you'll be able to optimize your ad campaigns smarter. We are here to help you focus on what you do best, by taking away the setup headache.
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