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Cookie Keeper

With Stape you can easily continue using the full cookie duration. You only need one thing to do: activate our power-up Cookie Keeper.

cookie keeper power up from stape prolongs cookies
cookie keeper power up from stape prolongs cookies

In Safari 16.4+, server-side cookies are now set with a maximum duration of 7 days even if they are considered 1st party but set from the IP that differs from your website IP. Cookie Keeper is designed to prolong 1st-party cookies’ lifetime in browsers with the latest version of ITP.

How Cookie keeper works:

1. The Cookie Keeper uses a "master cookie" to remember each user's unique ID. This master cookie fits with all ITP regulations and is kept on your website as a first-party cookie.

2. The master cookie is verified when a user visits your website to identify the user's unique ID.

3. If any marketing cookies (for example, Google Analytics, Google Ads, TikTok, Facebook, or Stape) are missing or destroyed, the Cookie Keeper will restore these cookies using the master cookie's information.

4. Even if the original cookies were erased, this restoration method guarantees that your marketing cookies continue to work and enable accurate tracking of user behavior on your website.

custom cookies for business class

Stape offers standard cookies for Pro plan users and as for Business-tier users and above, you can also use any additional custom cookies. For example, if you use Twitter Ads, you can add the "twclid" cookie so that the click ID cookie for Twitter is also restored for the necessary duration.

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