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Case Study: Finnish 🇫🇮 sustainability leader measures 25% more conversions with sGTM

Jun 13, 2024

Sulapac, a pioneer in sustainable packaging solutions, partnered with the Finnish digital marketing agency, Paper Planes, to optimize their digital marketing performance. 

Recognizing the need for more accurate data and improved campaign effectiveness, Paper Planes suggested implementing server-side tagging. 

This case study explores how this strategic move significantly boosted Sulapac's digital marketing metrics and overall performance.

Sulapac, a pioneer in sustainable packaging solutions

The Challenge

Sulapac's unique and innovative approach to reducing CO2 emissions and microplastic pollution from packaging has garnered significant attention and seen the company grow internationally. 

However, their digital marketing efforts, particularly on Google Ads and Meta Ads, were not performing at their full potential due to limitations in client-side tracking. Key issues included:

  • Inaccurate conversion tracking due to browser-based privacy features and ad blockers.
  • Inconsistent data reporting, leading to suboptimal budget allocation.
  • Slow website load times impacting user experience and conversion rates.
  • Data privacy concerns and the need to comply with GDPR regulations.

The Solution

To address these challenges, Paper Planes proposed a comprehensive server-side tagging setup. 

This solution aimed to improve data accuracy, enhance user experience, and ensure compliance with data protection regulations. The setup included:

  1. Server-Side Tagging via Google Tag Manager: Centralized data processing to improve accuracy and bypass browser restrictions. The setup was powered by Stapes Business-plan.
  2. Google Ads with Enhanced Conversions: Leveraged first-party data for more accurate conversion tracking.
  3. Meta Ads: Improved conversion tracking and measurement.
  4. Google Analytics 4: Enhanced data collection and reporting capabilities.
  5. LinkedIn Ads: Optimized tracking for B2B campaigns.
clients side and server side tracking


The implementation process was carried out by Paper Planes’ expert team, ensuring seamless integration and minimal disruption to Sulapac's ongoing campaigns. Key steps included:

  • Setting up a server-side Google Tag Manager container hosted on a secure server hosted in EU.
  • Configuring tags for Google Ads, Meta Ads, Google Analytics 4, and LinkedIn Ads.
  • Enabling Enhanced Conversions for Google Ads to utilize first-party data.
  • Moving scripts from client-side to server-side, reducing the load on the user's browser.
  • Ensuring all data transfers were secure and compliant with GDPR.


The impact of the server-side tagging implementation was immediate and substantial. Over a period of 30 days, Sulapac experienced remarkable improvements in their digital marketing performance:

  • 25% Increase in Measured Conversions on Google Ads: The enhanced tracking accuracy provided a clearer picture of campaign performance, enabling better budget allocation and optimization.
  • 11% Increase in Measured Conversions on Meta Ads: Improved tracking capabilities allowed for more precise targeting and retargeting efforts.
  • 0.3 Seconds Reduction in Load Speed: By moving scripts server-side, the website's load time for new visitors was significantly reduced, enhancing user experience and reducing bounce rates.
  • Improved Data Security and GDPR Compliance: The centralized data processing ensured that only necessary data was transferred, maintaining high standards of data privacy and security.
Paper Planes helped Sulapac to get more conversions with the help of server Google Tag Manager and Stape


The collaboration between Sulapac and Paper Planes demonstrates the transformative power of server-side tagging in digital marketing. By shifting to a more accurate and efficient tracking system, Sulapac was able to optimize their campaigns, improve user experience, and ensure data security. 

About Paper Planes

Paper Planes is a leading digital marketing agency based in Finland, specializing in innovative solutions to enhance marketing performance and data accuracy for businesses worldwide. Here's their partner page on Stape:

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