Case study: ZweiDigital with SportSpar got 24% Cost-per-Purchase reduction and 32% Improvement of ROAS

May 16, 2024
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SportSpar is one of europe’s largest sports article & fashion outlets, with sub-shops in several european countries. They were using a plugin solution for their Facebook tracking and to reduce server load and have more control over tracking have been looking for a solution via Google Tag Manager. 

Our partner ZweiDigital a performance marketing agency, specialized in accurate tracking solutions has been working with SportSpar for over 5 years and took care of moving tracking to server-side.

Why Stape?

Since there are 7 Domains and more than 50 Mil Requests per month, Stape was the perfect solution compared to standard Google Hosting, being more cost-efficient and easier to handle. The ability to log data for in depth analysis of the server requests was also factor for choosing Stape Hosting.


Focus was the Facebook Pixel and Conversions API, which was integrated for all shops, using a single serverside container. The articles from Stape on how to integrate Facebook Conversions API were really helpful to achieve this.

With more control over the data, Sportspar was able to integrate advanced matching with hashed customer information, as well as integrating custom events, which was not possible with a plugin solution. 

GA4 was also moved to server-side tracking in this process, with more platforms to come like Google Ads and AWIN.


There were several improvements that came from the switch to Google Tag Manager Tracking hosted by Stape:

  • Reduction of overall Cost-per-Purchase by 24% 
  • Improvement of ROAS by 32%
  • Reduction of the load on the webhosting server
  • Accurate deduplication for conversions API, since all Events now have a Event-ID
  • Improvement of Event Match Quality by sending hashed customer information
  • Ability to track custom events not possible with plugin solution
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