Case Study: McGen Digital obtains 22% cost reduction and 8.2 in Event Manager rating

Apr 25, 2024
Apr 22, 2024

McGen Digital, a Partner of Stape, is an agency that helps businesses develop in two directions - server-side tracking and short-form video content creation for social media. They have 19 years of experience in digital marketing and know all the ins and outs of the industry. With McGen Digital, a business can sort out its tracking across different platforms and boost engagement and conversions with the help of unique and compelling short-form organic videos.  

McGen Digital

Successfully sold over $7 Million in leads. So far, they have helped their clients generate over $960,000,000 in Real Estate referrals and worked with over 120 Insurance agents providing leads.

John McCarthy, has personally upgraded 14 of his websites and then successfully sold the businesses. It was during that journey that he discovered Stape and its game-changing server-side tracking capabilities, with one key promise at its core – simplicity.

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  • Two significant upgrades for Facebook and Google Ads. By enhancing the Event Manager to seamlessly transmit data back to Facebook and incorporating Google Enhanced conversions, the client received staggering results. Within just 14 days, they witnessed an astonishing 22% reduction in overall conversion costs
  • Event Manager rating skyrocketed from 3.8 to an impressive 8.2, bringing in a flood of high-quality leads.

The impact of Stape is nothing short of extraordinary, the client says. Here's a fun fact: one of the minds behind Stape was once a colleague of the founder of McGen Digital, John McCarthy! John said, the set up of Stape and the connection with a sub domain was easy. However, what he did passing over the integration of all the data layers, events, and tracking setup to some specialist people for implementation. Finding the right people was the hard part, however, once he found the right team, John not only used them for all 14 websites but also hired them.

John McCarthy is beyond impressed with the system and the tangible difference it has made for him and his team at McGen Digital.
So, don’t hesitate to join a big community of server-side tracking!

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