sGTM Preview Header

You can send requests to the server GTM container from any data point outside of web GTM. Due to technical limitations, you can only see web GTM requests in the server GTM preview mode. But do not worry, we have a Preview Header power-up that fixes this problem.

Stape's preview header is available to all users. It will be beneficial if you send requests to sGTM from elsewhere outside the Web GTM and want to see them in the sGTM debugger.

To set up stape's preview header, all you need to do is open the sGTM preview mode, click three dots in the top right corner, click send request manually, copy the preview header, and past it into your stape's container settings. 

Since the preview header is a dynamic value, removing the preview header from your account after you are done with testing is essential. Otherwise, you won't see any requests in the sGTM debugger the next time.

Benefits of sGTM preview header:Copy link to this section

    1. Allows to see incoming requests in sGTM preview mode. 

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