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Apr 18, 2024
Dec 15, 2022
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Server-side tagging provides many benefits that client-side tagging doesn't, and as an agency, you need to make the most of every tool at your disposal to deliver the best possible results for your clients. 

In this blog post, we will assure you that server-side tracking is the right choice and talk about server-side tracking, its cost, and tips on setting it up for your agency.

What is server-side trackingCopy link to this section

Server-side tracking is a way of collecting data about user interactions with a website, application, or other digital platforms. The information is sent to the server (instead of staying in the user's browser) when a user accesses or interacts with a page. Then it's moved to analytic tools. 

how server-side tracking works

This type of analysis helps to understand how customers use the products and services to optimize the company's strategy for a better user experience. 

We have a more detailed blog post about what is server-side tagging that you can find here

Why your agency needs server-side trackingCopy link to this section

Server-side tracking can provide valuable insights for advertising agencies and analytics specialists. Using this data collection method unleashes a wealth of accurate, detailed information about user behavior - invaluable knowledge that enables businesses to craft more data-oriented marketing strategies.

With the help of s2s tracking, advertising agencies can achieve more cost-efficient campaign results. For example, Facebook conversion API users have seen an impressive 13% average decrease in cost per result. In addition, Snapchat's CAPI documentation promises to provide more efficient cost-per-action after implementing s2s integration. 

Let's take a look at how exactly your agency can take advantage of server-side tracking:

  • Better campaign optimization.

Advertising platforms will have access to server-side tracking data, which can be used to improve campaigns and maximize cost efficiency. This essential information allows for the precise optimization of advertising strategies that will result in tremendous success. The critical factor is that with ss tagging, you can share 1st party user data with ad platforms.

  • Better attribution

Server-side tagging utilizes first-party cookies to ensure accurate conversion tracking for advertising platforms - a win for both accuracy and longevity. With these, clicks can remain associated with conversions for up to two years rather than the mere seven days of standard web tracking's third-party cookie option.

  • Quality custom and lookalike audiences

With Conversions API, you can create influential custom audiences that can be used for remarketing or to build Lookalikes and start targeting customers with renewed vigor. Again, this is because you can share quality first-party data with ad networks.

  • Improved analytics

Unlock the power of metrics from across all your marketing channels to get a better understanding of campaign success. With Conversions API, you can gain access to deeper insights and further build upon performance results.

  • Offline conversions

Not only is server-side an excellent solution for tracking conversion that happened on your website, but you can also use it to track phone orders, in-store orders, and any offline action.

This kind of tracking allows a company to understand better which marketing campaigns and strategies drive customers to make online or offline purchases.

How to choose the right type of server-side tracking for your agencyCopy link to this section

Recently we had an article about the most popular tools for ss tracking. And we would like to talk about the server Google Tag Manager. It is an excellent choice for your clients looking to streamline and optimize their server-side tagging process:

  • the interface of sGTM is easy to use and understand, making it the ideal solution for experienced developers and those just getting started with server-side tagging.
  • saving time by eliminating the need for manual coding on each tag individually.
  • access to a library of templates that can be used to quickly set up tags without needing any additional knowledge.
  • support GDPR compliance when leveraging EU cloud infrastructure.

And most importantly, with server GTM you can have more accurate data, faster website load time, and extra control over privacy.

Server-side tracking with stapeCopy link to this section

Stape is of the best choices for sGTM hosting, and let us explain why: 

  • We have unbeatable pricing plans. You can start with the free plan or choose one of the standard plans that fit your website. 
  • The setup process takes only 2 minutes.
  • Custom loader. It will help to set more accurately and prolong cookies.
  • Preview header. You can send requests to the server Google Tag Manager container from elsewhere (not web GTM).
  • Faster gtm.js/gtag.js/analytics.js loading time.
  • No need to run scripts if you want to upgrade to the production environment. Stape hosting will do the job for you and in less than 30 seconds
  • No additional configuration in the server GTM container
  • Autoscaling. Stape does not have additional charges for the autoscale unlike in GC.
  • Logs that help to understand what data was sent to server GTM and what response was sent.
  • Access to API.
  • Multiple server zones.
  • Global CDN. It utilizes Cloudflare’s platform, which loads js files from a server that resides closer to your site visitors resulting in faster webpage loading speeds.

And so much more!

What stape offers to agenciesCopy link to this section

Stape offers two main features for agencies.

Agency account

An Agency account allows you to create sub-accounts for your clients and manage their containers. At the same time, your client will have their login credentials to their stape account. It looks like a simplified version of a Google Ads MCC account or FB Business manager.

An Agency account fits best when you need to manage billing separately for each client. However, a standard account time would work better if you want to use one billing for all clients.

Once more than 5 paid containers are in your agency account, you can apply for either a Partner program or get a discount on stape service for your clients. 

Partner program shares up to 30% of your client's subscription value. We must sign a Partner Contract and NDA to finish converting the agency account to a partner account. 

If you are not interested in revenue sharing, we can create a 15% promo code that you can apply to your client's subscription. 

Server-side tracking setup

If your agency team would like to start implementing server-side tracking for your clients but need help figuring out where to start, we can help you with the setup, teach your team and provide consultations or audit later if required.

Many agencies have already used this offer to teach their team how to implement ss tracking, or some even outsource server-side tagging setup to stape. 

To know the price of the setup service for your website, answer these simple questions, and we will send you a quote. In case you are interested in audit, this questionnaire is for you. Or you can send an email to 

Tips on setting up and using server-side tracking for your agencyCopy link to this section

As you can see from all said above, promoting Stape will be easy. 

In case you are unfamiliar with server-side tracking, you can:

  • use our blog to get all the detailed information.
  • get help from a team of experts that can set up ss tracking for your client, provide consultation to answer your questions, or make an audit of your setup.
  • outsource all of the server-side configuration to our agency.

ConclusionCopy link to this section

If your agency isn’t yet implementing server-side tagging, now is the time to start. Contact Stape support for assistance. We can help you get set up with a system that makes tag management easy and efficient for both you and your clients. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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