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Apr 8, 2024
Jun 23, 2023
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Stape provides an infrastructure for server-side tracking, a next-generation technology designed to function in a world with tracking restrictions and without third-party cookies. You can read about how to start with server-side tracking, or what are the benefits and learn so much more in our blog.

Embark on a new journey by joining the Stape Partner Program, a unique opportunity to monetize your audience by introducing them to an innovative tracking solution. Here we’ll discuss what our Partnership program offers, its benefits and how to become a partner at Stape.

How it works

For Level 1 partners:

  • a unique referral link.
  • up to 30% of the revenue share.

When someone who clicked on your referral link signs up within 7 days and ever purchase. We’ll send you a commission every month they renew their subscription. Depending on their plan, you’ll earn between $2/mo-$40/mo per customer.

Subscription Plan Fee, %
Pro, Pro+ (available on the Website)10
Business, Business+ (available on the Website)20
Enterprise, Enterprise+ (available on the Website)30
  • monthly payments. 

We send payments via WireTransfer. Payment can be done once per month if your partner's commission is more than $100.

  • you’ll get to sign with us the NDA and Partner Agreement.

For Level 2 partners (you should receive at least a $500 monthly referral commission):

  • up to 40% of the revenue share.
Subscription Plan Fee, %
Pro, Pro+ (available on the Website)20
Business, Business+ (available on the Website)30
Enterprise, Enterprise+ (available on the Website)40

Partner program does not apply to Meta’s Conversions API Gateway hosting.

How to join Stape's partner program

In our service it is possible to create an Agency account which differs from a standard account. With the help of an agency account, you can easily create and manage accounts for your clients. Clients are responsible for the billing, and you are responsible for the help with the setup + getting them on Stape. You don’t receive any commission yet. Agency accounts work best if you need individual billing for each container. 



You can become our Partner ONLY if you have 5 paid containers or $50 in monthly referral value (30% from the user’s plan value) in the Agency account

In your Agency account click on Partner program.

partner program - stape

You will see how many containers do you still need or whether you can already apply for Partner program. 

partner program - stape
partner program - stape

In Partner information you will have to fill in all the data needed for the creation of the Partner Agreements. 

partner program - stape

Then, our managers will be reviewing your information.  

partner program - stape

If something is not clear, we will get back to you with provided reasons.
You will be able to change the information and apply again.

partner program - stape

When everything's alright you will be asked to leave a digital signature.

partner program - stape

And when everything's signed and approved, your account will be automatically converted to Partner account and we will write you an email with the documents signed on our side.

partner program - stape

You can contact Stape support if anything is needed. Just leave us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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