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Stape is your all-in-one solution for server-side data tracking. Industry leaders and top companies choose us to boost data quality and marketing ROI while maintaining security compliance.

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greatGlobal Server GTM Hosting

Set up server-side tagging for Google Tag Manager in minutes. No more struggling or wasting time on tedious GCP or AWS configurations.

EU Server GTM Hostingcompliant

Avoid data transfers outside the EU and guarantee GDPR compliance with our 100% European-owned cloud servers for server Google Tag Manager. Use Google Analytics confidently and securely.

Meta Conversions API Gateway Hostingbest price on the market

Set up the Meta Conversion API in just 1 minute — no manual tagging or technical skills needed.

I’m sorry, what exactly does Stape do?

Stape is your all-in-one solution for server-side tagging

We help our clients in configuring server-side tracking by offering easy-to-configure cloud server infrastructure, features that improve data quality, as well as solutions and plugins to streamline server-side tracking configuration.

Stape provides the most competitive prices, a wide range of features, human customer support and top-notch security.

How Stape can help you

Adapt to 3rd party cookie deprecation

Reduce the risk losing valuable tracking data needed for personalised marketing and accurate analytics. Switch to first-party cookies and extend cookie lifetime against browser restrictions, retaining valuable tracking data with same origin custom domain, own CDN or Сookie Keeper Stape power-up.

Bypass AdBlockers

Ensure complete and accurate analytics even when ad blockers prevent essential tracking scripts from running. With the Custom Loader power-up, you can get up to 40% more accurate data, as it makes Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4 scripts invisible to ad blockers.

Improve marketing attribution

Bypass iOS restrictions and improve the attribution of your social paid campaigns on Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, etc. With server-side tracking, you can attribute conversion to the campaign even if tracking in the browser or app is not allowed or was blocked.

Enhance data security

Avoid the headache of ensuring user privacy and GDPR compliance, especially when handling large volumes of data. Easily anonymise or remove user data in GA4 with Stape's Anonymizer power-up. Ensure GDPR compliance with our European cloud server infrastructure.

Implement cookieless tracking

Switch to first-party user data. Manage and sync your data securely within sGTM using User ID power-up, ensuring privacy and GDPR compliance. Stape Store makes data handling even more seamless.

Enrich user data

Get better personalization, more effective marketing strategies, and a clear understanding of user behavior, leading to increased engagement and conversions.
Enhance your event data with our GEO headers, User agent, and Stape Store power-ups.

Autoscale resources when traffic spikes

Stape handles increased traffic without manual adjustments, providing a seamless experience for your users and maintaining site reliability.
When Stape detects traffic spikes, we automatically scale servers by adding more CPU or memory.

But that’s not all.
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Try our freemium plan for sGTM or start with $20/month for hosting, including logs. For high-traffic websites, we offer custom solutions tailored to your needs.
Meta CAPIG free trial is also available.

Swift and simple setup

Save time and technical effort with Stape's easy setup. Helpful support and community is here to assist with advanced server-side tracking.

Top power-ups to your tracking setup

Boost your server GTM hosting with quality solutions and templates for all your data-tracking needs. Get the tools you need and enjoy the depth and accuracy of your data.

Easy monitoring and debugging

Get all you need with Stape's built-in solutions — we've got you covered to ensure everything runs smoothly. Oversee your tracking setup and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Custom & enterprise

Private clusters

Interested in a custom solution? We've got you covered.

Stape offers server-side tagging custom solutions for enterprise customers: custom contracts or contract amendments, custom SLAs, BAA agreements for healthcare clients, unlimited subdomains, custom SSL and muсh more.

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