The easiest way to server-side tracking

Setting up server-side tracking can be challenging. Get started right away with our suite of tools.

Unlock the power of server-side tracking

Stop relying on client-side JavaScript and 3rd party cookies. Instead, adapt to the world of server-side tracking today to better understand user behavior, trust your data, speed up site loading time, and grow faster.


Deploy cloud tagging servers for Google Tag Manager in a matter of minutes. No more struggling and wasting your time on tedious GCP or AWS configuration.

best price on the marketMeta Conversions API Gateway Hosting

Configure Meta Conversion API in under 60 seconds: no manual tagging or technical expertise needed.


Setting up server-side tracking can be a difficult and time-consuming process. With Stape, you get access to extensive solutions designed to simplify your server-side tracking setup.

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professionalHire us

Let us do all the hard work while you sit back and enjoy reaping all the benefits of server-side tagging and improve tracking accuracy.

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growth with Stape

We are a one-stop shop

We're building an infrastructure that simplifies server-side tracking. Everything from cloud hosting to custom solutions.

Get the help you need

We've been working in this niche for several years. If you're experiencing issues with setting up server-side tracking, we’re here to help you out!

Save time and money

Low-priced. Better. Faster. Stronger. Get all the tools you need and enjoy every step with Stape.

Cool things Stape hosting offers

Custom loader

Make Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics scripts undetectable by ad-blocking techniques.

Global CDN

Load js files from a server that resides closer to your site visitors resulting in faster webpage loading speeds.


Troubleshoot any problems with server-side requests, missing data or determine how the vendor processed a request.


Map multiple domains to one server-side Google Tag Manager container.

Cookie keeper

Extend server-side cookie lifetime for users with the latest versions of ITP (Safari 16.4).

HTTP preview header

Debug any incoming requests or webhooks in server Google Tag Manager preview.


When Stape monitoring systems see spikes in traffic, we autoscale servers and add more CPU or memory.

ISO 27001:2022, HIPAA, GDPR, SOC 2

We are officially a secure and trustworthy partner for any organization seeking to prioritize protection.

Yeah, many cool features! But that’s not all. You can learn more in our dog blog.

Start using Meta Conversions API with Stape in 1 minute

Shorter setup time means more resources for important tasks

Implementing Meta Conversion API Gateway has never been easier. You no longer need to hire a tracking specialist or rely on third-party integration tools.
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Custom & enterprise

Private clusters or Custom features

Interested in a custom solution? We got you covered. Stape offers server-side tagging solutions for enterprise customers. Contact us to know more.
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