Server-side Google Tag Manager errors and how to fix them

May 14, 2024
Feb 11, 2022
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Analyzing and improving online business presence, reaching users and converting them into customers depend on collecting precise data. Google Tag Manager (GTM) Server-Side tagging allows website owners to start tracking website visitors in a more efficient, accurate and secure way.

We, at Stape, understand that it can be challenging to make your setup 100% correct. It may seem like an overwhelming task at first glance because this new method requires more technical knowledge than what was used previously with traditional web tracking.

That is why we’ve gathered here the most common Google Tag Manager errors, problems and tips on how to solve them. Once done, you will be able to take advantage of all the benefits that server-side tracking brings!

1. Error 403Copy link to this section

There are two reasons why you see a 403 error:

  1. You used Server container GTM ID when setting up a custom loader.
  2. You did not publish the init version of the web container.

Solution:Copy link to this section

1. If you use a custom loader and see a 403 error when opening the sGTM container URL, it might be because you've used the server Google Tag Manager ID when setting up a custom loader. You must add your WEB Google Tag Manager ID.

To check the custom loader setting: log in to account -> open sGTM container -> click Power Ups -> open custom loader and check if you added WEB GTM ID

custom loader to make gtm and ga4 scripts resistent to ad blockers
custom loader to make gtm and ga4 scripts resistent to ad blockers

Change the container ID to the WEB container ID, click save, and update the GTM script on your site.

To find your Web container id, you need to open Google Tag Manager and select your web container. There you will be able to see the web container id.

2. You did not publish the init version of the web container.

Open your web Google Tag Manager container and ensure that it's published and running. 

2. ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENTCopy link to this section

err_blocked_by_client - stape

Usually occurs when a request is blocked by something, e.g. Chrome Developer Tools or an ad blocking plugin.

Try to check if error still appears in incognito mode or in another browser. Also, try to disable all extensions in your browser and check if error is still present.

3. ERR_BLOCKED_BY_ORBCopy link to this section

err_blocked_by_orb - stape

Error usually occurs when a request is blocked by the browser’s tracking prevention.

Check if you are sending request to Google Ads or any other tracking service with correct consent settings.

Also check if ​dma_cps parameter is present in the request url and set to ​dma_cps=sypham.

4. Error 404Copy link to this section

Error: Fetching container from failed: Received HTTP status code 404.

That means we can't download the configuration of your sGTM.

That can be because of:

- sGTM container is deleted

- sGTM container not published

- You use the wrong configuration code

Solution:Copy link to this section

If none of the above issues exist, we recommend creating a new sGTM container and using it. You can utilize export and import functionality to migrate your existing configuration.

5. Error 500Copy link to this section

You can receive 500 in cases when some tag changes the response code. For example, in case there was an error in some tag. 

Looks like you sent requests with a preview header and tried to debug something.

Also if you see a 500 error when opening the preview mode of the server GTM container, it means that you've exceeded the limit of the Google Cloud free tier.

Solution:Copy link to this section

Go to the GCP console and upgrade to the production environment to solve this issue. The minimum price of a Google Cloud production environment is $120/month. You can get the same setup on stape for only $20/month.

If you already set Google Cloud to production mode and get a 500 error, your sGTM tagging server is down. In this case, we suggest contacting Google support. 

6. 503 Service Temporarily UnavailableCopy link to this section

This error means that your tagging server is down. You should check your deployment status in Google Cloud Platform. 

Solution:Copy link to this section

In most cases, you can’t solve this problem independently and need to contact hosting support. If you use, then send an email to

7. Error: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAINCopy link to this section

This error usually happens when you are using a custom subdomain but didn’t set up DNS records for your subdomain or set it up incorrectly. On average, you have to wait 3-4 hours before DNS changes are applied; some DNS providers ask to wait up to 72 hours. 

Solution:Copy link to this section

To check if DNS is set up correctly, I use this tool. All you need to do is paste your subdomain and check A or any other record. You should see that it points to the correct IP. If IP is not accurate, check the DNS settings of your domain again.

8. Error: 400Copy link to this section

HTTP ERROR 400. This page isn’t working

400 response for tagging server URL is correct behavior. 

To check if tagging server URL works correctly, you should add /healthy at the end of the URL. If the response is ok, then tagging server URL worked correctly. 

 add  /healthy at the end of the tagging URL

Conclusion:Copy link to this section

I hope this article will help you identify some of the most common problems with sGTM tagging servers and solutions to fix them. Some issues can be resolved straight away, and others require the help of your hosting provider. Our team of experts is always happy to help new users get started with tracking and answer any questions.

If you face any issues with hosting, do not hesitate to send an email to, we will be happy to assist. Or, if you need help with setting up server-side tracking for your site, we can also help.

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