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Jun 18, 2024
Oct 2, 2023
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Over the years, LinkedIn has expanded its services and became a vital tool for B2B marketing. And LinkedIn's marketing solutions offer multiple ways for advertisers to track user interactions and conversions. Many have relied on client-side tracking. However, server-side tracking — with LinkedIn Conversion API tag — is more attractive for several reasons.

In this news we will talk about what is LinkedIn Conversions API tag - a newly released tool, and how your business can take advantage of it.

What is LinkedIn Conversions API

In September 2023, LinkedIn officially released its own LinkedIn Conversion API Tag. 

linkeding capi tag template

As with any other CAPI tag, with LinkedIn Conversion API you can capture and transmit conversion events directly from your server to LinkedIn's servers in real-time, ensuring a more accurate representation of user interactions, even when browser-based tracking might fail or be blocked. The API integration can be seamlessly incorporated, allowing for a greater view of your marketing funnel and the ability to tailor advertising strategies based on the most up-to-date and comprehensive data available.

Benefits of LinkedIn CAPI

1. Strengthen ads performance.

2. Decrease cost per action.

3. More accurate conversion attribution.

4. Improved data reliability.

5. Better optimized ad delivery.


To set up the LinkedIn Conversions API tag you need three things:

3. Write EventID - The unique id generated by advertisers to indicate event. This step is optional.

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