How to set up Instagram Conversion API

Jan 5, 2023
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Crafting successful Instagram Ads and building an effective online presence doesn't have to be a daunting task. With careful research, creative strategies, and data-driven decision-making, you can target a relevant audience and create targeted ads that will drive more traffic and conversions.

Challenges like Adblockers or Intelligent tracking prevention might mean missing out on valuable tracking information. 

Luckily, Meta Conversion API for Instagram is here to save the day! Find out how it works in this blog post, learn its many benefits, and get all the setup details needed for success.

What is Instagram Conversion APICopy link to this section

Conversions API (formerly called Server-Side API) is a Meta functionality that allows you to transfer data directly from your server to a Meta server. Instagram is owned by Meta, which means it has the same configuration of Instagram Conversion API as Facebook conversion API. 

Conversions API is an alternative to the more familiar client-side approach, which uses the placement of Meta pixel js code on site pages to send data about events committed by users on the site. 

Meta recommends using both pixel and conversion API to ensure all events are accurately tracked. To prevent overreporting, you should set up deduplication that relies on two main factors: event name and event ID. If Meta sees events with identical event names and IDs, they discard one and keep another. In addition, they prioritize pixel events, meaning that if you send more event or user parameters from the server than from the web, server data will be discarded.

Using the Conversions API, you can set up tracking of an event that happens outside of the site, such as a phone call or offline sale. This can be extremely helpful when your business receives significant offline sales. 

Not only Meta conversion API can help you increase tracking accuracy, but it also has a positive effect on custom and lookalike audiences. Since it allows tracking events more accurately, you will collect bigger custom audiences and, for example, remarket 100% of website visitors without losing those whose tracking was blocked. Ultimately, it leads to more quality lookalike audiences since Meta will have more information about users who take action on your website. 

What are the main benefitsCopy link to this section

You may continue using only Meta Pixel for your tracking, but Meta strongly recommends setting up CAPI for several reasons. Among the benefits, we would like to distinguish the following: 

  • extensions of the cookie lifetime
  • prevention of Adblockers and the possibility of tracking people who opted out of Meta tracking in iOS 14/15.
  • you can use CAPI to track events that happen outside your online store, such as phone calls or offline sales.
  • you get more control of the data and a better understanding of your customer’s journey.

How to set up Instagram Conversion APICopy link to this section

To set up Instagram Conversion API, we will use the server Google Tag Manager container. 

2. Use of the ways to deliver data to the server GTM container: Universal Analytics, Google Analytics 4, Data Tag/Data Client, or Webhooks are the most popular ones.

3. Add the Meta Conversion API tag to your server GTM container.  

4. Set up Meta CAPI tags. You can inherit event data from the client or send event data manually. With inherit option, the Meta CAPI tag parses request data and maps it to Meta CAPI events. With the manual option, you will need to configure all events, events, and user parameters manually, but this method gives you more control. 

set up instagram conversion api

5. Remember to set up Meta event deduplication if you use Meta Pixel and Meta Conversion API. 

Check out these articles that cover all different aspects of setting up Meta CAPI:

ConclusionCopy link to this section

After reading this post, we hope you understand Instagram Conversion API better. If you need help with the setup or have any questions, our team at Stape is always happy to help. So send us a message, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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