FAQ - Stape


Q: What are the main benefits of your service?

A: Our main benefits are:
– faster/easier GTM server container set up.
– ability to bypass Ad Blockers and Intelligent Tracking Prevention algorithms by sending Google Analytics requests from a custom subdomain.
– you can test GTM server tagging for free on as many websites as you want.
– easy to use WordPress plugin for GTM server integration.
– unlimited number of free account, no credit card required.
Q: How is your service differs from the native GTM server integration?
A: Here are the main benefits of using our service compared to Google Cloud integration:
– We make GTM server integration easier. All you’ll need to do is update the tagging URL inside your server container and GTM code on the website – we will do server set up for you. While with Google native integration, you’ll need to set up and manage Google Cloud service yourself.
– You can test what the GTM server container is without adding a credit card. If you want to set up a GTM server container via Google Cloud, Google will ask you to add your credit card. Testing will be free, but if you’ll implement the GTM server on the production environment or want to test it on more than one website, Google will charge you a minimum of $120/month for one website. Our service has a free plan that doesn’t require a credit card.

A: You probably notice a 10-15% difference in order number between your CRM and GA reporting. It happens because AdBlockers and Intelligent Tracking Prevention algorithms are blocking 3rd party pixels on the website. If you set up a GTM server container and send GA request via custom subdomain, your analytics tools will start seeing full data about website visitors, no data loss. Another important benefits are faster page load time, better data protection.

A: Yes, we have a free plan that includes up to 10,000 interactions/month.

A: Google Tag Manager (GTM) Server-Side tagging allows website owners move third-party tracking pixels from their website into the Cloud server. It means that the client’s browser will no longer process tracking pixels, it will be loaded directly from the server. We created this guide on how to set up a GTM server container.

A: With GTM server-side tagging, you can create a tagging URL within a custom subdomain that is located in the same hierarchy as your website domain. The main benefit is that the requests are considered first-party; AdBlockers and ITP won’t recognize or block it. We created this guide on how to set up a custom tagging URL.

A: You can have an unlimited number of containers in a free account.

Q: Should I create a server container within the same account with the web containers or create a new account for the server containers? 

A: Both options will work. You can either add a new server container within an existing account where you host the web container or create a new GTM account.


A: We secure our service according to OWASP Core Ruleset. It provides protection against most popular attack categories, including SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting. We use a secure connection (https) for all our requests and store confidential user data encrypted.