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Multiple server locations

Stape offers multiple server Google Tag Manager hosting locations to make sure it fits our customer's needs. Some countries or regions require business owners to host their sGTM containers in a particular area. For example, companies within European Union must host sGTM on servers located in the EU. Also, hosting sGTM closer to your website visitors increases GTM response time.

Stape sGTM server locations:Copy link to this section

  • US Center (Iowa)
  • US East (South Carolina)
  • US West (Oregon)
  • EU West (Belgium)
  • EU North (Finland)
  • EU Center (Germany)
  • AP East (Singapore)
  • AP South (Delhi)
  • SA East (São Paulo)
  • SA West (Chile)
  • AU East (Australia)
  • CA East (Canada)
  • ME Center (Qatar)
  • JP Center (Japan)

Why server location is important:Copy link to this section

  1. Using a server that is closer to your website visitors helps to decrease GTM response time.
  2. Helps comply with tracking regulations.

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