How to switch server GTM hosting from Google Cloud to stape

Jan 8, 2022

There are several reasons why you want to consider moving the hosting of your server Google Tag Manager container from Google Cloud to

Here are some benefits of using stape:

  1. Price
  2. One-click tagging server set up
  3. Custom gtm.js loader
  4. Preview header
  5. Faster gtm.js/gtag.js/analytics.js loading time
  6. No need to run scripts if you want to upgrade to the production environment
  7. No additional configuration in the server GTM container
  8. Autoscaling
  9. Access and billing
  10. Account sharing
  11. Support

We have a more detailed description of the stape benefits here. In this blog post, I want to show how to switch sGTM hosting from Google Cloud to

There are two main ways of transferring sGTM hosting from Google Cloud to link to this section

1. Export the existing sGTM container (hosted on Google Cloud) and import it into a new container (hosted on 

     1.1 Open the Admin tab of the sGTM container hosted on the Google Cloud and click Export Container. 

     1.2 Create a new server container with a manually configured tagging server. For a more detailed description of setting up an sGTM container with a manually configured tagging server, follow the steps from this blog post

     1.3 Import container settings. 

     1.4 Update DNS settings. When you’ve set up a custom subdomain on Google Cloud, you’ve added A and AAA settings. For, you should set only A record. That is why when transferring sGTM from Google Cloud to stape, you need to remove the AAA record and change the IP address for the A record. 

2. Another way is to use the existing sGTM container. 

     2.1 Open sGTM container settings and copy Container Configuration. 

     2.2 Paste Container Configuration into your sGTM container settings. 

     2.3 Update A record for your custom subdomain and remove the AAA record (if you set it up for Google Cloud). 

Do not forget to turn off the GCP project. Because otherwise, you will still be billed for the GCP.

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