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Need an isolated multi-account Conversions API Gateway cluster?

With an isolated multi-account cluster, you can ensure optimal data routing for each website, enable advanced matching, attribute more conversions, and improve ad relevance.

* For custom plans only the sky is the limit and we handle all the setup and maintenance tasks.

What are differences of using Meta Conversions API Gateway over FB CAPI through sGTM?

Three main advantages of Meta Conversions API Gateway:
- easy setup
- works for multiple pixels/domains in one BM
- may be cheaper than using sGTM for all sites (but it depends on the number of sites)

How do I set up the specific events that need to be tracked by the CAPIG?

The CAPIG depends on Meta web pixel events to trigger server-side events. It tracks all events captured by Meta Pixel, and with CAPIG, you have the option to disable any events you prefer not to send server-side using CAPIG hub. To add new events to CAPIG, they must first be set up with Meta Pixel. Subsequently, CAPIG will automatically detect and capture these new events.

Does Meta CAPI Gateway work only for Meta or other platforms, too?

It works only for Meta. To set up server-side Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, TikTok events API, etc., you must use other methods like server Google Tag Manager.

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