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The Stape Server GTM App allows you to easily add GTM snippet to all pages of your Shopify shop, use Cookie Keeper Stape power-up, add dataLayer for your ecommerce events and use webhooks for purchase or refund events.

stape server gtm app in shopify

In the Generate tab are all the settings related to installing the GTM snippet on all pages of your Shopify shop.

stape server gtm app in shopify
  • GTM web container id

Here you need to specify your GTM WEB container ID.

  • Custom domain

It is extremely important to use your own subdomain for first party cookies to work correctly and for tracking to work in general. If you do not already have a subdomain added to your sGTM container, you can use this guide to add it.

  • Custom loader

An optional parameter, but its use is highly recommended to increase protection against ad blockers.

Specify here your Stape container identifier. Follow this guide to find Stape container identifier.

  • Cookie Keeper

You can learn more about Cookie Keeper power-up on this page.

This allows you to minimize the impact of the latest ITP restrictions.

Before activating this feature, make sure you have it enabled in Stape, in your container.

  • GTM snippet block

Here you can take the GTM snippet to install it on pages that are outside of your Shopify theme (such as pages made by third-party apps like Zipify).

In the Data Layer tab you can find the data layer events to activate and configure.

Webhook events are configured in the Webhook tab.

Benefits of Stape Server GTM:Copy link to this section

  1. Increases cookie’s lifetime.
  2. Makes tracking script invisible to ad blockers.
  3. Enriches data layer with e-commerce events and user data.
  4. Sends webhooks to server Google Tag Manager container.
  5. Adds web Google Tag Manager script to your site in no time.

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