GA4 Advanced Tag

Stape's GA4 Advanced tag for server Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a powerful tool that allows you to track and override advanced metrics and parameters that are not available in the default GA4 tag. 

ga4 advanced tag for google tag manager server side

The GA4 Advanced tag provides the ability to override all parameters, including _gcs and cid, which are not available in the default GA4 tag. Additionally, you can leverage Data Source settings to build requests to Google Analytics using eventData properties. Furthermore, the GA4 Advanced tag is compatible with Google Analytics 4 Measurement Protocol, which allows for the collection of custom event data that can be used for advanced analysis and optimization. 

This feature can help businesses get more granular data and insights from their tracking efforts. 

Benefits of GA4 Advanced tag by stape:Copy link to this section

  1. Ability to override any user or event parameter.
  2. Works based on incoming GA4 requests or Event Data.
  3. Compatible with Google Analytics 4 Measurement Protocol.

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