WhatsApp Conversion API

Nov 30, 2023

The WhatsApp Conversions API now offers an innovative solution for businesses running Click to Message ad campaigns. This tool integrates data from various sources like websites, apps, CRMs, physical stores, and business chats into a unified platform. Now you can gain valuable insights into user interactions with your ads in WhatsApp!

We created this blog post to describe the parameters and help you with the implementation of the WhatsApp Conversion API.

How WhatsApp Conversion API works

As mentioned above, the advertisers can transmit data from various sources, including websites, apps, physical stores, and business messaging platforms, to Meta through a unified endpoint. The Conversion API simplifies the technology infrastructure, reducing complexity. By funneling this diverse data into Meta's Events Manager, it offers a more cohesive and detailed perspective. The API makes it easier to combine different data sets, improving the detail and overall quality of information. This helps to analyze and improve the campaigns more effectively.

Using the WhatsApp Conversions API for business messaging offers several advantages:

  • Clear Reporting in Ads Manager: see directly the results of click to message campaigns, for example, the number of purchases and cost per purchase, in the Ads Manager. This provides a clearer understanding of campaign performance beyond just the number of conversations started.
  • Streamlined Data Integration: easy data sharing and integration across various platforms (like Messenger and WhatsApp) and channels (including websites, apps, and stores). This means all data can be managed through a single API.
  • Enhanced Partner Measurement: better tracking of click to message campaigns on partner dashboards. This is done through the Ads Insights API, allowing for more accurate campaign attribution and analysis by partners.

WhatsApp Conversion API requirements and parameters

Before the start of the implementation, please make sure you have:

- Any dataset with the event data, for example: 

  • Meta Pixel (website events)
  • App Events API (app events, including Facebook SDK for iOS or Android, mobile measurement partners (MMPs))
  • Offline Conversions API (Meta’s legacy API for offline events)
  • Messaging Events API (messaging events)

As for the set of the parameters: 

page_idFacebook Page ID that is associated with the Whatsapp business.
ctwa_clidctwa_clid is only available from the referral object under messages webhook on Business API versions 2.45.1 and beyond (On Premise) or Cloud API.

How to send events

Make a POST request to the Conversions API to send new events from this path:{API_VERSION}/{DATASET_ID}/events?access_token={TOKEN}

When you use this feature, Meta generates new business messaging events. For in-depth information, please consult the related developer documentation.

Below is a summary of how the parameters integrate within the payload's overall structure: 

{ "data": [ { "event_name": "Purchase", "event_time": 1675999999, "action_source": "business_messaging", "messaging_channel": "whatsapp", "user_data": { "page_id": , "ctwa_clid": "ARAkLkA8rmlFeiCktEJQ-QTwRiyYHAFDLMNDBH0CD3qpjd0HR4irJ6LEkR7JwFF4XvnO2E4Nx0-eM-GABDLOPaOdRMv-_zfUQ2a", // }, "custom_data": { "currency": "USD", "value": 123 } } ], "partner_agent": "" }


You can use the Test Events tool in Events Manager to:

  • Check that you’ve set up events correctly and Meta received them.
  • Debug any unusual activity.
  • For web events only: check that you set up deduplication correctly by seeing which events are processed, and which are deduplicated.

All you need to do is:

  1. Go to Events Manager, select a dataset linked with the page.
  2. Click the Test Events tab.
  3. Select the marketing channel and messaging channel.
  4. Click the Graph API Explorer button.
  5. Graph API Explorer will be populated with the prefilled payload.
  6. Click the Submit button.


The WhatsApp Conversions API marks a significant advancement for businesses leveraging Click to Message ad campaigns. By collecting data from diverse sources into a single, coherent platform, it offers deeper insights into how users interact with ads on WhatsApp. We really hope that we helped you with this guidance.

And if you have any questions or if you would like a set up of WhatsApp Conversion API from us - don’t hesitate to leave a ticket

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