Google Analytics key events

Mar 22, 2024

On March  21, Google introduced an update that changes the way measurements are conducted in Google Analytics.

This update emphasizes the importance of customer actions, such as email sign-ups and purchases, by streamlining how conversions are defined across Google Ads and Analytics. It’s a uniform perspective of the advertising performance on Google platforms.

The introduction of new key events in Google Analytics is a significant aspect of this update. 

Key events update in google analtyics - stape

These key events are set to replace the current conversion metrics used for behavioral analytics. With this feature you can effectively track and measure critical user behaviors, ultimately enhancing the user experience. 

By aligning conversion metrics in Google Ads and Google Analytics, the update addresses and resolves a longstanding issue of discrepancies in conversion reporting that some people may have faced.

With this update, conversions in existing reports and exploration modules in Google Analytics will transition to being labeled as key events. Now it is possible to accurately define and understand crucial customer actions, aiding in the assessment and improvement of products and user experiences on websites and apps.

Additionally, for those who have linked their Google Ads accounts to Analytics, there will now be a consistent view of conversions within the Advertising Workspace. The users will also benefit from enhanced cross-channel conversion reporting that extends beyond Google Ads, offering a broader view of their marketing impact.

We eagerly anticipate each update from Google, so be sure to stay connected with us for the latest developments! And what do you think about this release? Let us know what you think in the comments! 

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