Integrate Klaviyo with your website using Google Tag Manager Server container

Klaviyo Tag for the Google Tag Manager server container is a custom tag that will help you to add new users, send events and parameters from your site to Klaviyo. With this tag, you don’t need to ask your developers to set up the integration. Using this custom tag for the Google Tag Manager server container, you can integrate Klaviyo using the server container events and parameters. 

The power of Klaviyo cannot be underestimated when it comes to how much revenue it can make for your business- which is why we want you to know about this latest development from us!  With the help of our custom tag, there’s no need for any development work to set up the integration between your site and Klaviyo. All setup is done inside the Google Tag Manager Server container interface and processed by Klaviyo tag for Google Tag Manager server container.

This is a great way to save time and money on your marketing efforts, so make sure you take advantage of it! Klaviyo will help with everything from customer acquisition through conversion optimization- which means more revenue for the business in no uncertain terms (not that we need any convincing). So what are waiting? Make this latest development work hard by setting up site integration today – all done inside GTM server container UI without developer required.

How to integrate Klaviyo with your site using the Google Tag Manager server container?

If you have email campaigns, it’s essential to integrate your site and Klaviyo. The more information about user actions you send to Klaviyo, the more possibilities you have for segmenting lists, automating campaigns, sending highly targeted and personalized emails. 

Klaviyo has some prebuilt integration for sites using standard CMS (like Shopify). But what if you have a custom site or want to track additional events like add to wishlist, form submits, site search, etc. 

You can send JavaScript and Server-Side requests to Klaviyo. With the help of this Klaviyo Tag for the Google Tag Manager server container, you will send server-side requests. 

Using our Klaviyo Tag for the Google Tag Manager, you can: 

      • add new users to Klaviyo
      • track user activity on-site
      • send events and parameters 

Previously, adding new users was possible only by your backend developers, who send requests from the server. With the help of this tag, everyone who is familiar with Google Tag Manager can set up Klaviyo integration

1. First of all, you need to create and set up a Google Tag Manager Server container. Follow this guide on setting up the GTM server container.

2. Once you’ve set up the server container, you need to define what user data you want to send and when you want to send it. After that, make sure that the Google Tag Manager Web container has this information. If your Google Analytics or Facebook tracking is set up using Google Tag Manager Web container, most likely, you will have this information inside GTM variables or dataLayer. 

3. In this step, you need to pass information from the Web Google Tag Manager container to the Server container. I recommend using our Data Tag and Data Client for that. This tag and client were designed to send information from the web container to the server, including variables, dataLayer, events, etc. Data Tag sends information from the web container, and Data Client retrieves this data inside the server container events data. You can read a more detailed description of how to send data from the web Google Tag Manager to the server

4. Add Klaviyo tag to the Google Tag Manager Server container. Click Templates -> under Tag Templates click Search Gallery -> select Klaviyo tag by gtm-server -> click Add to workspace. 

You can also add Klaviyo tag to your workspace using this link

klaviyo tag for server container

5. Go to the tags section inside the server container -> click New -> select Klaviyo tag that you’ve recently imported -> add tag name -> add your Klaviyo Public API key (how to find  public API key)

6. In this example, I will show you how to send purchase events to Klaviyo, assign this event to the existing user or create a new user. Inside the Server container click new tag and select the Klaviyo tag that you’ve imported. Under the tag type select Event and add event name. You should also add a variable that includes user email. Klaviyo tag will use email to assign events to Klaviyo profile. If there is no user with this email, it will create a new user. This tag should trigger the purchase event.

7. Let me also show you how to get user email using Data Tag for the Google Tag Manager Web container. Create a new tag inside the Web container and select tag type Data to GTM Server-Side (you can download it from GitHub and import to your web container) -> select a standard event name Purchase -> Add GTM server-side domain and GTM Server Preview HTTP header (preview header is required if you want to see Data Tag information inside the Google Tag Manager Server container preview mode) -> To send user email on the purchase event click on the user data, select an email address and add a variable that has user email. This tag should trigger the purchase event. You should also add Data Client to the server container. It will listen to Data Tag and add information to the event data inside the server container. To add Data Client, import it inside the Clients Templates. 

klaviyo tag for google tag manager data trigger

8. Open Preview and Debug mode of the Server and Web containers (make sure you’ve added a GTM Server preview HTTP header, it is required to see Data Tag events inside the Server container preview more. You can find it by clicking the three dots in the top right corner of Google Tag Manager Server container preview mode and choose the “Send requests manually.”

9. Once you’ve verified that the Klaviyo tag is triggered inside the Google Tag Manager Server container and sends all the parameters, go to your Klaviyo account and check that event was added to the user. Don’t forget to publish your changes.

klaviyo tag for google tag manager


Having Klaviyo integrated with your site will help you utilize email marketing campaigns more strongly. Using Klaviyo Tag for the Google Tag Manager server container, you can set up the integration without asking developers to add custom code to your site and waiting for a couple of weeks till it’s released on production. Having Klaviyo integration set up via Google Tag Manager will help you save money than the same integration you would have via tools like Zapier. 

If you have any questions about the Klaviyo tag or interested in other tags, contact us at 

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