DataLemon & Selectika: Onboarding Boost and Cost Savings

Apr 11, 2024

DataLemon is a data analytics company that specializes in providing solutions for businesses to efficiently analyze, visualize, and derive insights from their data. Their platform offers a range of tools and services aimed at helping organizations harness the power of their data to make informed decisions, improve processes, and drive growth.

Their client, Selectika, is focused on developing AI-powered product recommendations for fashion websites. They approached DataLemon with the need to demonstrate the effectiveness of their recommendations by tracking website performance. 

The requirements were clear: Selectika needed a user-friendly data collection tool that could be easily implemented across various websites (Wordpress, Shopify, JS, etc), compatible with or without Tag Manager, without necessitating new DataLayer implementation, and prioritizing privacy.

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To meet these needs, DataLemon examined the Stape's client-side Data Tag, which allows sending data to Server Google Tag Manager container. They deconstructed and rebuilt the Data Tag into a marketing pixel format (very similar to how Meta Pixel is built). This approach allows collecting data to the sGTM, utilizing fast implementations on the end customer website.

The data flow schema:

Customer website >> GA4 dataLayer >> customized client-side Data Tag >> sGTM Data Tag >> DataLemon’s database

The code that DataLemon has developed has been successfully implemented across multiple websites, seamlessly sending data to sGTM, and subsequently to DataLemon’s database.

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Datalemon achieved remarkable results, demonstrating the power of the partnership with Stape:

  • a significant improvement in onboarding efficiency, with new end-clients being integrated 50% faster than before.
  • 60% cost saving on infrastructure, development and maintenance.

With these results, Selectika can now confidently expand their offerings, armed with the tools and insights necessary to enhance their services, streamline operations, and deliver exceptional value to their clients.

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