Case Study: Danish Market-leader improves Google Ads-measurability by 17%

Feb 19, 2024, initially established in Denmark as, is a leading e-commerce retailer specializing in workwear. With a dedicated team based in the city of Spjald and employing more than 100 skilled employees, the company has carved out a dominant position in the market. Operating from an automated warehouse, they efficiently distribute thousands of packages daily across Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany and the rest of EU.

workwear group

Since its foundation in 2009, Workwear Group has experienced consistent growth, a testament to its deep market and product knowledge, exceptional customer service, and a team of digital marketing experts.

Challenge: The Need for Server-Side TaggingCopy link to this section

Relying heavily on Google Ads for significant monthly seven-digit revenue, the competitive digital landscape necessitated an optimization of data provided to Google's algorithms (and those of other platforms like Meta) to maximize return on ad spend. 

To achieve this, Workwear Group, in collaboration with Obsidian Digital — a premier Stape-partner with operations in Denmark, Germany, Finland, and Bosnia-Herzegovina—explored the implementation of server-side tagging through Google Tag Manager.

Obstacles FacedCopy link to this section

Despite a well-structured Google Ads account boasting high quality scores and best practices, technical challenges hindered optimal performance, including:

  • Google Ads tracking limitations to 24 hours on Safari
  • User adblockers interfering with Google Ads tracking
  • Purchases not always made from the device used for the initial search

Solutions ImplementedCopy link to this section

To address these challenges, Workwear Group and Obsidian Digital employed server-side tagging via Stape, complemented by strategic enhancements:

  • A custom loader was introduced to counteract adblockers and Safari restrictions, extending cookie duration.
  • The "Cookie Keeper" function, alongside a Master cookie, was deployed to navigate around Apple's Intelligent Tracking Prevention 16.4.
  • Consent Mode was activated to estimate data loss due to lack of cookie consent.

A unique hurdle was the absence of email addresses in the data layer for Google Ads' Enhanced Conversions. This was ingeniously resolved by scraping the DOM to retrieve email addresses for hashing and matching, enhancing conversion tracking accuracy.

OutcomesCopy link to this section

The initial implementation of server-side tagging in the Danish market—Workwear Groups largest advertising expenditure area—resulted in significant gains:

  • An immediate increase in measured revenue by 17%, translating to a seven-digit figure in additional annual revenue (in EUR).
  • Improved load speed of website by moving scripts serverside
  • Digital resilience in the movement towards a cookieless future

TestimonialCopy link to this section

Annika Gran

“Server-side tagging revolutionized how we value our Google Ads contributions, enabling more efficient budget allocation, growth, and increased profitability. It's now an indispensable part of our Google Ads strategy.” - Annika Gran, Performance Marketing Manager at Workwear Group.

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