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Matomo, a free and open-source digital analytics platform, offers a comprehensive set of tools for tracking and analysing user activity on your website. In contrast to other analytics systems, Matomo's fundamental asset is its dedication to customer privacy. It enables organisations to collect and manage user data in a secure, self-hosted environment, reducing the need for third-party data sharing. 

Using Matomo’s Tracking HTTP API, stape’s Matomo tag sends HTTP requests to your Tracking URL with the data you've specified in the tag. Tag automatically parses event data in the server Google Tag Manager container and tries to map it to standard events or e-commerce tracking. The tag will prioritize the parameters which are manually specified in the tag settings.

Types of actions that server-side Matomo tag supports:

  • pageview
  • event tracking
  • e-commerce tracking

In Matomo tag choose:Copy link to this section

  1. Inherit from client. The tag will automatically parse event data and map available data.
  2. Custom. With the help of this method, you can track pageviews and other custom events by adding event category, event action, and event name.

     1. Matomo Advanced tag.

     2. Article on how to set up Matomo tag for server Google Tag Manager.

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