Webgains server-to-server conversion tracking

May 13, 2024

Precise conversion tracking is vital for assessing campaign effectiveness and optimizing marketing ROI. Webgains is a prominent affiliate marketing network, facilitating online revenue growth through affiliate partnerships. Establishing accurate server-to-server tracking is crucial for gaining actionable insights into customer behavior, refining marketing strategies, and driving profitability. That’s why we decided to create a Webgains tag for your convenience.

How Webgains tag workCopy link to this section

Webgains tag has two event types: Page View and Conversion

webgains tag page view event - stape

Page View stores the cid URL parameter inside the wg_cid cookie.

webgains tag conversion event - stape

Conversion event sends the HTTP request with the specified conversion data to Webgains.

You can get a Program ID after you’ve been accepted to the Webgains affiliate program.

The tag will parse all available parameters from the eventData.
In the Parameters Settings (Optional):

  • Order Reference - Unique ID that identifies the order or transaction on your site.
  • Event ID - ID of the event.
  • Currency - Transaction currency.
  • Voucher ID - Promotional voucher code on the entire order.
  • Customer ID - Customer ID, fill only on request.
  • Location - Checkout URL. May remain empty.
  • Click id - Value of the identifier. This value must be the click ID assigned to the user.
  • Comment - Optional commentary.
  • Items - Array with the articles of the transaction.
  • Item Fields - Array with the fields of the articles.

How to set up Webgains tagCopy link to this section

2. Send data to the server GTM container. The two most popular ways of sending data to sGTM are Google Analytic 4 and Data Tag/Data Client.

3. Download Webgains Tag on GitHub or find it in the Template Gallery → Open templates sections in the server Google Tag Manager container → Click New.

4. Click three dots in the top right corner → Click Import → Select Webgains tag template you’ve recently downloaded from GitHub → Click save.

webgains tag implementation - stape

5. Choose the event type and the trigger. Don’t forget to push the Save button. 

ConclusionCopy link to this section

Setting up precise server-to-server tracking is key to obtaining actionable insights into customer behavior, fine-tuning marketing strategies, and ultimately increasing profitability. Therefore, the development of a Webgains tag represents a significant advancement for users seeking reliable and effective tracking solutions. 

Don’t hesitate to contact our support team if you have any questions left about the setup or if you’d like to receive a quote so that we can save you from the headache and do the setup for you. 

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