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Sep 5, 2023
Aug 15, 2023
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Supabase is an open-source alternative to Firebase. It's a backend-as-a-service platform that allows developers to create, scale, and manage their applications more efficiently. It offers a rich array of features including real-time databases, authentication, storage, serverless functions, and more.

One major advantage of Supabase is its ability to enrich server-side data, making it a popular choice among developers and businesses alike. It's this capability that allows for the use of the Supabase Writer Tag, a unique tool that opens up new possibilities for data management within the Server Google Tag Manager.

This article will guide you through setting up a Supabase Writer Tag for the Server Google Tag Manager (GTM), an essential process for businesses and developers seeking to integrate their websites with Supabase.

Supabase Writer tag setup

2. Send data to the server GTM container. The two most popular sending data to sGTM are Google Analytics 4 and Data Tag/Data Client.

3. Download Supabase Writer tag from GitHub -> Open templates sections in the server Google Tag Manager container -> Click New.

4. Click three dots in the top right corner -> Click Import -> Select the Firestore Writer tag template you’ve recently downloaded from GitHub -> Click save.

supabase writer tag

5. Create a new tag and select Supabase Writer Tag. 

supabase writer tag

6. Choose a Mode: Insert or Upsert. 

Project URL - A RESTful endpoint for querying and managing your database.

Project API key - Use service_role API key. This key can bypass Row Level Security or create custom for your needs.

Table Name - the name of the table you want to write data to. 

7. Once done, click the save button.


By following the steps of this guide, you can successfully set up a Supabase Writer Tag for your server Google Tag Manager container. It's a fantastic way to harness the power of Supabase, maximizing the data capabilities of your server-side operations, and thus boosting the overall performance and functionality of your website or app.

But if you’re confused or have some questions about server GTM setup - don’t hesitate to contact us at We will help you to get your tracking done correctly! 

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