Stape Store Writer tag

We created a Stape Store Writer tag so that you could easily add it to your container and store your authorization keys and other useful data for tracking in just a few clicks.

Stape Store Writer tag

If the key is empty, a document will be created with a randomly generated ID. If the key is to a document and it does not exist, it will be created.

With Stape Store Writer tag you can:

  • Add all Event Data to the document. If Event Data and Custom Data have the same field, the Custom Data value will be used for that field. In other words, you can override Event Data values with Custom Data.
  • Merge documents keys from the input into the document, otherwise the method will override the whole document.
  • Add Timestamp and it will add the millisecond timestamp to the document.
  • Skip items from customDataList with undefined or null values.

Stape Store Write tag reads the request headers, query parameters, body, path, or remote IP address:

  • trace-id
  • x-gtm-identifier
  • x-gtm-default-domain
  • x-gtm-api-key

It also logs to the developer console and Tag Manager's preview mode, reads data about the container, reads data from the event and sends an HTTP request to a specified URL.

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