Server to server Voyado tracking using server Google Tag Manager

Oct 31, 2023

Voyado is an emerging company specializing in the development and operation of a data-centric SaaS solution. With its focus on Marketing Automation, CRM, Loyalty, and Product Discovery, Voyado stands out as the go-to tool for retailers and e-commerce businesses aiming to tailor their communication and enhance customer experiences.

The Voyado platform now supports server-side cookies, which are beneficial in scenarios like dealing with Safari's Intelligent Tracking Prevention that caps the lifetime of client-side cookies at 7 days. So we, at Stape, decided to create a Voyado tag for the server Google Tag Manager for you to take the most out of this platform.

Here we will talk about how you can benefit from the server-side integration and how to set up a Voyado tag in your server Google Tag Manager container. 

Advantages of server-side Voyado cookiesCopy link to this section

Web browsers like Safari, Firefox, and Brave are focused on keeping users safe online. One way they do this is by decreasing the lifetime of third-party cookies. These cookies used to last up to 2 years, but now they can only live for a maximum of 7 days. This change makes it harder for websites to track user activity on the website and attribute conversions to traffic sources.

Safari takes things a step further. It not only limits how long third-party cookies can last but also  decreases the lifetime of first party cookies set by third party IPs and blocks tracking tools like Google Tag Manager and Analytics in private browsing mode.

This is where the server-side tracking can help. When using a custom domain for your tagging server, you can set first party server-side cookies. These first-party cookies have a longer lifespan, which greatly benefits your tracking and advertising efforts.

How to set up Voyado tag using server Google Tag ManagerCopy link to this section

2. Send data to the server GTM container. The two most popular ways of sending data to sGTM are Google Analytic 4 and Data Tag/Data Client.

4. Go to your server Google Tag Manager container. Click on Templates on the left menu and click New near the Tag Templates. 

5. Click three dots in the top right corner -> Click Import -> Select Voyado tag template you’ve recently downloaded from GitHub -> Click save.

voyado tag

6. With our Voyado tag for server Google Tag Manager you can:

  • Track cart changes: monitor additions/removals, enable cart abandonment flow, measure the total value of items in a cart at any given time, allowing for better understanding of potential revenue.
  • Track product view: see which products are most viewed, how long users view certain products, what attributes they engage with and determine what referral sources or campaigns lead to specific product views.
  • Track purchase: monitor the number of successful purchases, total revenue generated, and average order value.
  • Identify the user: set a cookie with ContactId or email, for later use in tracked events.

To configure the tag you need:

Base url - Base URL in the following format: https://[client]

API key - your Voyado Engage API key.

Email - email of the user.

You can also click on the checkbox “Use Optimistic Scenario” and the tag will call gtmOnSuccess() without waiting for a response from the API. 

7. Publish the container.

ConclusionCopy link to this section

In this guide, we have outlined how to set up server to server Voyado tracking via server Google Tag Manager (GTM). With a seamless setup, you can harness the full potential of Voyado's capabilities. With server GTM, it’s possible to achieve more efficient tag management, better site performance, and enhanced data security. 

As always, regular checks and updates are recommended to maintain optimal performance and to take advantage of any new features or improvements from both Voyado and server GTM. 

In case you have any trouble with your setup, don’t hesitate to leave a ticket or ask for a quote. Our team of experts will help you right away! 

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