Pinterest Tag

Pinterest tag for server Google Tag Manager allows businesses to integrate their website with Pinterest, one of the most popular social media platforms for visual content. 

Pinterest Conversion API (CAPI) can help companies increase the accuracy of their conversion tracking and improve the return on investment (ROI) for their paid advertising campaigns. By implementing Pinterest CAPI, you can get more granular data about user behavior on their website, enabling them to make better marketing decisions. 

The logic of Stape's Pinterest CAPI tag is similar to that of Facebook CAPI or TikTok events API tag, making it easy for businesses to set up if they already have experience with these tools. With the Pinterest tag for server GTM, you can track a wide range of user behaviors, including page views, button clicks, and form submissions. This information can be used to create custom audiences and target users with more relevant content, improving the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. 

Benefits of Pinterest tag by stape:Copy link to this section

1. Supports event deduplication.

2. Supports standard and custom events.

3. Supports real-time server event testing.

4. Does not require Access Token. You should use only a Pinterest advertiser ID.

5. You can send event and product data.

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