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The Monitoring feature allows you to be notified of any anomalies or tracking issues as soon as possible. It is available to all Stape sGTM hosting users with Business, Enterprise and Custom plans.

monitoring feature

Monitoring works based on your container logs and notification, and it can be triggered depending on your settings to track anomalies in the increase/decrease of events based on event name, client, platform and status code.

Example of monitoring configuration for Facebook purchase events:

Suppose we have an average of 50 purchases per day that are sent to Facebook and we want to get a notification if something goes wrong and only 30 or fewer Facebook purchase events per day will be tracked -

monitoring from stape configuration

This way you will be notified if the container gets less than 30 purchases for the day and you can immediately check if it's just a bad sales day or if something went wrong in tracking or on your website. 

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