Facebook CAPI Gateway

Facebook Conversion API Gateway is a new and easy way to set up FB CAPI. You can set up FB CAPIG in 3 minutes, all without any developer or Google Tag Manager skills!

Conversions API Gateway uses a cloud server to send server events to Facebook based on the web FB events. Meaning that to make FB CAPIG work, you need to have web Facebook tracking.

Facebook Conversion API Gateway allows linking as many pixels and domains to a single FB CAPIG, but all these pixels and domains should be managed by one Facebook Business Manager.

Stape FB CAPIG hosting costs $100/month.

You can use Stape's hosting for Facebook Conversion API Gateway. We offer a 1-day free trial for FB CAPIG. Stape will create an Amazon Web Service EC2 instance with predefined values and CloudWatch.

Benefits of FB CAPI Gateway:Copy link to this section

  1. Fastest way to set up FB CAPI.
  2. Work with multiple pixels and domains.
  3. Works with all CMSs as well as custom built site.
  4. No need to set up event deduplication or send user data.

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