GTM container quality: your website`s tags diagnostics

May 13, 2024

In your Google Tag Manager container you can find Container quality and Tag quality where you can check the status and fix tag detected issues. Basically, it’s the same as in the settings of Google Analytics 4 and Google Ads for a Google Tag. 

container quality in google tag manager - stape
tag quality in google tag manager - stape

Currently there are 4 statuses that highlight detected issues, their severity, and how to fix them:

  • Excellent. 
  • Good. 
  • Needs attention.
  • Urgent. 

Tag quality diagnostics can help identify issues with your tagging setup through various alerts:

  • Additional Domains Detected: If users navigate across multiple domains before converting, you may need to include these additional domains in your configuration for accurate data.
  • Config Command Out of Order: Ensure that gtag config commands are set before gtag event commands to avoid processing errors.
  • Consent Mode Installation Out of Order: Incorrect order of consent mode commands on your web pages could lead to inaccurate consent signals.
  • Missing Conversion Linker: If your site uses Floodlight or Google Ads tags without a conversion linker tag in your GTM container.
  • Pages Not Tagged: Alerts you about untagged pages which could affect your site's measurement performance.

You can find a full documentation for troubleshooting tag issues with Tag Diagnostics here

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