Superweek Analytics Summit 2024

Feb 11, 2024

SUPERWEEK 2024 was a significant event in the digital analytics and marketing industry. Held from January 29 to February 2, it brought together professionals to discuss topics like AI, privacy engineering, and new tracking technologies in a post-cookie era. Held at a unique mountaintop location near Budapest, Hungary, the summit attracted a diverse international audience, with participants from over 40 countries.

We, at Stape, attended it for the very first time! Our topic on the Superweek was: “Cookieless Tracking Using Server-Side Google Tag Manager”. 

Denis from Stape at Superweek 2024

With the phasing out of third-party cookies and stringent data privacy laws, traditional user tracking methods are becoming less relevant. A key aspect of the presentation was the introduction of cookieless tracking as a method to address these challenges.

Denis from Stape at Superweek 2024

You can also watch a video of the presentation here:

The event was not only just about presentations and workshops; it also included opportunities for informal interactions and networking. Activities like a fun pub quiz and fireside talks allowed people to connect and share experiences in a relaxed setting. The evenings at the summit provided a pleasant atmosphere for networking, further enhancing the learning and collaborative experience.

Overall, Superweek 2024 was a reminder of the continuous need for learning in the field of digital analytics, where data privacy regulations, tools, and AI capabilities are constantly evolving. The event was a testament to the importance of staying ahead of the latest trends and the value of a strong network in the analytics community.

Big thanks to Superweek organizers for such a journey!

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