Your tagging server is out of date and no longer supported. Solution.

May 26, 2023

There has been a surge in reports from developers stating that their Docker containers are not updating as expected. This issue is often accompanied by an error message: "Your tagging server is out of date and no longer supported. You must update to the latest version." 

your tagging server is out of date.

This article will explore the roots of this problem and propose solutions, specifically in the context of Google's App Engine. We'll also discuss how manages to avoid such pitfalls.

The IssueCopy link to this section

In a nutshell, the problem arises when Docker containers running on Google App Engine are not updated as per the expectations. The update process is a critical part of maintaining any server infrastructure, ensuring the latest features, improvements, and security patches are implemented. When this process is hindered, the functionality and security of the application hosted within the Docker container may be compromised. 

The error message is a clear indicator that the Docker container in question is running an outdated version. It's crucial to note that software companies, including those that maintain Docker containers, routinely phase out older versions of their software, ceasing to provide support or updates for these versions. This practice ensures resources are focused on improving the latest versions and maintaining a high standard of security. 

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When facing this issue on Google's App Engine, you need to re-run the provisioning steps. Use the same settings you used previously. The existing settings are set by default. 

This action should upgrade your installation to the latest version and resolve the error message. It's a simple process, but requires some time.

Stape advantageCopy link to this section

While troubleshooting and resolving the aforementioned issue in App Engine is straightforward, it's worth considering platforms that have been designed to avoid such problems from the onset. 

One such platform is us - Stape is an innovative platform that helps businesses collect, control and leverage their data. What sets apart in this context is its approach to maintaining and updating server infrastructure.'s system is designed to seamlessly handle updates, eliminating the need for manual intervention and the risks associated with running outdated server versions. This ensures that users can focus on leveraging their data and building their businesses, rather than spending time and resources on server maintenance and troubleshooting. 

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Updating Docker containers on Google's App Engine can be an issue, but with the right approach, it's a manageable one. By shutting down old servers, deploying new ones, developers can ensure they're using the latest software versions. 

However, Stape is proving that seamless server updates are possible, paving the way for hassle-free server management and allowing businesses to focus on what truly matters - growing their business and making the most of their data.

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