Cookie extender tag

Cookie Extender tag for server Google Tag Manager is designed to extend cookies using sGTM. To set up a tag you need to add:

  • Cookie Name - names of cookies that need to be extended. 
  • Lifetime in seconds - time in seconds to which cookies need to be extended. 
  • Create backup cookies and restore them in case main cookies are not found - enable this if you need to create backup cookies. 

If you enabled a checkbook that creates backup cookies, in this case, when the cookie expires Cookie Extender tag will look at backup cookies and restore the same cookie value for the same user.

  1. Manually extend cookies for platforms that do not extend cookies automatically.
  2. Web tag can override server tag.
  3. Platforms sets server cookies with different names and standards.
  4. No need to set up event deduplication or send user data.

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