Bot detection

This power-up checks if the requests are coming from the bot or not. 

To use Bot detection power up, log in to your account, open the sGTM container, go to the Power Ups tab, and click Bot detection power up. After that, enable the power-up and click Save.

Bot detection power-up - Stape

Bot Detection consists of:

  • X-Device-Bot - can be true or false.
  • X-Device-Bot-Score - checks the probability of whether it is a bot. A score of 100 (the maximum) certainly indicates it's a bot.
Bot detection power-up - Stape

You can create a variable on the server container with the type 'Request Header' and specify ‘X-Device-Bot’ in it to receive the value of this header.

Bot detection power-up - Stape

Use this variable as an additional check in your GA4 trigger on the server and also in any other triggers where you want to limit the impact of bot traffic:

Bot detection power-up - Stape

Now, if the request is determined to be from a bot - your tag will not trigger and the data will not be sent!

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